La Cancha Sport

Located in front of Plaza Las Americas in Playa del Carmen, La Cancha Sport is specially built to host a soccer field where you can play five, six and seven player soccer. La Cancha Sport is planned and designed for both players and spectators. Soccer is much more than just a game, it has the strength to be recognized around the world. After studying for years the way that the player develop skills, we realized that the way soccer is played in Mexico does not allow players to develop special skills to take them to the next level, for this reason we decided to build a place where players of all ages can develop their full potential.

We organize your tournament.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a team!
We will try to find the best team-mates for you,
according to your age and skills level.


In a safe environment, regardless of the weather.
On a top level field.


Enjoy a snack and a drink
Wait for your players on the outside terrace,
or in the comfort of the spectator area.

The best Birthday Party!

We have an area for piñatas and food, and the kids can use the soccer field to play, making it an unforgettable birthday!


Check out our soccer school!

Do you want to be part of a league?

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